Termite Prevention in Phoenix AZ

Termite infestation costs billions of dollars for many American homeowners annually, and the same is true for Arizona homeowners.  If you are one of those homeowners, it’s time to be practical and save your hard-earned money from being wasted on expensive house repairs and renovations—all because of these tiny, destructive pest.

Protect your monetary investment by protecting your beautiful home from the onslaught of termite infestations.  By doing what you can, no matter how small those steps may be, you can save a lot of money on expensive treatments or, worse, repairs.  Here are some pragmatic and cost effective ways to prevent termites from invading your house.

Termite Prevention Tips in Phoenix Arizona

The first thing to remember is not to give termites the reason to come into your home!  It may sound funny (who willing invites those pests over for dinner in the first place?), but sometimes you have habits that are conducive to termite infestation.  Do you know that termites have the uncanny ability to find food and shelter with lots of moisture to sustain their colonies or nesting grounds?  For example, if you have spare wood, dead plants, discarded newspapers around your house or property, these materials provide access to termites.  To prevent termites from nesting, remove all wood- and paper-based materials from the main structure (such as foundations, posts, and beams) of your house or property.  Check even the crawl spaces for wood debris and other similar materials and remove these immediately before termites burrow their way.

Protect Your House Against Moisture

Another important thing to watch out for is moisture accumulation near house structures or properties.  Check if water from rain, pipes, or even garden hoses pool around your house’s foundation.   When soil and water mix, it is a perfect breeding ground for termites so try to keep these elements away from the foundation of your house or other kind of property.  Check for leaks from faucets, pipes, air conditioning units, and gutters.  Repair these immediately so water will not seep through the foundation or other cracks where termites can build colonies.

Be Conscious of Your Garden and It’s Location

If you are fond of gardening, keep those beautiful flower beds and bushes away from your house foundation because these can become entry points for termites.  The recommended distance is approximately three to four feet away.  Other than bushes and shrubs, vines can also pose a problem, so it is advisable to put up trellises and make sure to trim the plants on a regular basis.

Lastly, if you have crawl spaces, you need to install a square foot vent opening and cover three-fourths of the area with a vapor barrier (e.g. a polyethylene sheeting will do).  Crawl spaces with poor ventilation allow water to trickle in, which in turn, provide termites areas to survive and breed.

Now is the time to take small, practical, and inexpensive steps to protect your property from termite infestation.  We, at Termite Control AZ, can help maintain your house and property termite-free for years to come.  Just contact us and we will give you a free inspection.