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You can find termites all over the world! Termites live in every US state except for Alaska. But the majority of termites are found in tropical and subtropical regions. Examples of these places are the Southeast Asian countries of Malaysia and Indonesia. 


Termite distribution is dependent on the climatic conditions of a particular area. Termites tend to look for wood that has damp cellulose content so they can break it down and build their colonies. Because of this it makes sense they would be prevalent in tropical and subtropical regions. Also, termites also prefer areas with higher temperatures. So areas with higher temptation tend to have higher termite populations than cooler areas. And because termites love damp wood you can assume that climates that have higher humidity and can offer damp wood will also have higher termite populations.

The US and Termites

The distribution of termites in the United States is broken up into three sections. A northern section includes: Idaho, Michigan, Oregon, and Maine, as well as Alaska. A middle section that includes California, New Mexico, Missouri, and Tennessee. And a lower section that includes Louisiana, Georgia, and Florida. Hawaii is included in the lower area. Areas like Florida have warmer and more humid climates. So it makes sense that this lower section of the US would also have a higher termite population than areas in the upper section. These areas, such as Washington State have cooler and less humid climates. But that doesn’t mean termites avoid those regions! You can still find termite populations in that higher section.

Most Common in US

Subterranean and Drywood termites are the most common species of termites found in the United States. a pest control specialist will be able to determine the type of species you are dealing with, and will also be able to determine the best treatment you will need. 

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