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Since termites are a year round, 24/7 constant threat to your house, you should take every precaution there is to protect your home. Preventing termites from invading can be the best step taken in the direction of protecting your home.

What Termites Love

Termites love moisture. They’re drawn to the damp, cellulose parts of wood. Because of that, they especially love to invade parts of your home that might have experienced moisture damage. Here are some things to look for and eliminate around your house:

  •  Leaky faucets and water pipes
  • Leaky A/C units
  • Water that is seeping down towards your foundation
  • Gutters and downspouts pointing toward your house
  • Lanscape with excessive plant cover
  • Wood mulch
  • Standing water on roof.

You should address any of the issues above by either repairing things, or diverting water away from your house. Making sure there are no damp areas around your house can help make your home unappealing to termites looking for places to build their nests.

Remove Termite Food Sources

Are you creating food sources for termites? Food sources can be: firewood or lumber, stumps, or debris near your house. The wood of your home, meaning the structural supports or sidings, should not be able to contact the soil. These points of contact allow termites the ability to have easy and close access to food sources. They are able to burrow up right from their nests into your home. If you do have areas where your house comes into direct contact with the soil, such as wooden fences or decks, just remember to check these areas often for any signs of termite damage.

Warning Signs

Indicators of termite infestations include:  swarms of winged insects in your home, or in the soil around your home, discarded wings, or the presence of frass (termite droppings). Termites can cause paint to crack or bubble as they burrow through the wood beneath. Hollow-sounding wood can be indicative of a dry wood termite infestation. Also, take a look around to see if there are any mud tubes on exterior walls, wooden beams, or in any crawl spaces.


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