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Antique furniture is beautiful addition to your home. But if you bring in a termite infestation with your new addition, you’ll need to deal with them quickly and immediately to save the piece, as well as save your house from a large and widespread termite infestation.

Termite Control Specialist

If you see signs of termite damage in your antique pieces, you’ll want to immediately contact a termite control specialist or a fumigation specialist that is comfortable working with antique pieces. They will be able to advise you on next steps. Chances are they will offer you a few options, one such is a chemical free fumigation using green, natural products that should not pose a threat to your pieces. They will make sure that not only the termites are killed, but also any eggs that might hatch and breed in the piece.

Significant Termite Damage

If significant termite damage has already been done to your antique piece, the only option you might have is to restore and fix the piece. While this is the best way to ensure the antique’s integrity, it can be a costly way of protecting against termites. If the antique is small enough you can bag it and place it in the freezer for two weeks. Be cautious when removing the antique from the freezer as any condensation that has formed might also cause damage to the piece.

What Termites Look For

Termites seek out damp wood, and the cellulose that is readily available in damp wood. Placing antique pieces in areas that are prone to moisture will attract termites. It’s also important to remember that moisture, just on its own, can damage your antiques. Because of that, it’s crucial that you constantly take a look around your house for signs of not only termite damage, but also for water damage that can attract termites.

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