Homeowners often wonder what the best time of year is for them to protect their homes against termites. There is no definitive start to the termite season and no definitive end date either. Meanwhile these insects are able to thrive year round. However, they do tend to be most active during warm seasons. In Arizona this time period is roughly from March to November.

Termite Active Months

In climates with year-long warm temperatures termites are usually active and visible all year long. Arizona termites are still be present and active even in the winter months. In cooler climates termites seem to slow for the colder months. That time period is usually November through February. But even though termites aren’t as active in the winter months they can still continue to cause major damage by eating the wood in your home.

Drywood Termite Shelter

Shelter also plays a part in the survival of a colony. Drywood termites thrive in hot and arid climates, which is why they love Arizona.  This breed of termite builds their home inside pieces of dry wood as well as parched tree limbs. This type of  shelter provides enough weather protection that they are active all year.

Subterranean Termite Shelter

Subterranean termites are able to survive during cooler winter months because they produce nests that can be found up to 18 inches below the ground. This ability for the colony to be built underground keeps them warm and protected from cold air.

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