Real Estate Agents Report

Your house is one of your prized possessions.  Owning a house is also a source of pride for some, but it comes with a lot of responsibilities, too.  One of those is keeping the house in its best condition at all times, which includes making sure that it is free from termites and pest.


Whether you are selling your house or purchasing one, it is important to hire a professional to conduct a thorough and reliable inspection of the property.  Our company, Termite Control AZ, offer a rigorous and comprehensive termite inspection.  We can make a thorough sweep of a particular house or property, searching for evidences of termites and other pests, and other damages that might lead to structural instability, such as wood decay and leaks.  After which, our professional consultants will give specific recommendations from the gathered findings.


If termite infestation is found in the house or property, a report will be made, which includes a work bid to solve the pest problem.  The amount of the bid is competitive enough because it will affect somehow the overall home value and the succeeding costs of the sales process.  These bids also include the costs of the issues found in the inspection.