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Phoenix Pest Control professionals are often called in to rid homes of nuisance pests. Do it yourself pest control is often used in vane before the homeowner calls; ants are the most common pests that people try to handle alone. Once upon a time, when over the counter products became available, ants were easily controlled by canned sprays. It did not take long for ant colonies to build up an immunity to those insecticides and stronger methods were required. There is more to that story, however. We were getting invaded by new ants.

Ants are such interesting creatures that having an ant farm was once a common childhood hobby. Invasive ants, such as Fire Ants and the Argentine ant have changed that. Twenty years ago there were commercial products to get rid of fire ants that were advertised on television. In Florida the Fire ant population grew to the point where county agencies gave away Fire Ant killer for free. Now, although those treatments are still available, they haven’t worked on other species, and one of those is the Argentine Ant. While the Fire Ant colonies only had a couple of queens, the Argentine ant may have thousands. Killing the queen doesn’t help, because the Argentine ants built super colonies, displacing the local species in every case, and affecting the ecological balance. In any given area, Argentine ants could make up as much as 90% of the ant population.


The Asian Needle ant is a relatively new invasive species. They kill termites and ants alike, and they are a natural enemy of the Argentine ant. A recent study turned up some interesting evidence on a new ruler among ant species.

From PCT On Line: Asian Needle Ant Pushing Out Argentine Ant, Researchers Find

[former NC State Ph.D. student] Dr. Eleanor Spicer Rice found that Argentine ants appeared to ignore Asian needle ants, and the Asian needle ants took advantage of the situation to displace a significant portion of the Argentine ant population. In 2008, Argentine ants had populations in 99 percent of the sites within the study area, while only 9 percent of the sites were home to Asian needle ant populations. By 2011, Argentine ants were found in only 67 percent of the sites – while the Asian needle ants had expanded to occupy 32 percent of the sites. The two ant species shared 15 percent of the sites in common.


The Asian Needle ants have spread from Alabama to Oregon. They sting their prey and that sting can cause allergic reactions in humans, so if you think you have them, call a professional. Chandler Pest Control’s licensed pest management professionals can help if you witness these stinging Asian Needle Ants in your area.


Phoenix Pest Control Professionals offer a free termite inspection as a way of introduction to the wide range of pest control services. Termites are a big problem in all US states except Alaska. While the Asian Needle Ant kills termites, their presence doesn’t mean you don’t have termites or won’t get them. The only way to ensure home protection against these and other pests is to call a professional.


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