Though termites are usually known to be pests, there are some people who are finding some beneficial uses for them.

As Food

Termite alates have become an portion of the diets of some native African populations. And while the queens are harder to acquire, they are often regarded as a delicacy. In fact, some communities have formed different methods of collecting and cultivating the insects. Termites are actually nutritious since they are a good source of fat and protein, and are actually found to be palatable with a nutty flavour when cooked. Typically they are gently roasted on a hot plate, or lightly fried until slightly crisp. Since their bodies are naturally high in oil content, oil is not needed for cooking.

As An Energy Source

The U.S. Department of Energy is actually researching termites as a source of energy – as a means of replacing fossil fuels with cleaner energy through metagenomics. Since termites produce hydrogen – up to two liters simply from digesting a single sheet of paper, they are actually efficient bioreactors because of the protozoa that live in their hind guts that digest the cellulose for them. Through sequencing just what type of microbial community is in the termite, the DOE hopes to get a better understanding of biological pathways so they can scale up that technology to gender hydrogen from wood – in commercial quantities.

Termites and You

While termites might be beneficial around the world, they’re still not beneficial when they are in your home. Contact a professional termite control specialist immediately if you notice any signs of termite damage in your home. Though they might be beneficial to the world, they can also cause extensive and expensive damage.


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