Termites and Phoenix Homeowners:

The Good News and The Bad News


Great news for Phoenix homeowners!  In August property values showed a marked increase which may mean the economy is about to rebound. It’s said that as the housing market goes, so goes the economy.  Homeowners that were once underwater on their mortgages may soon see their homes are actually worth what they’re paying for them.

Bad news for Phoenix homeowners! Coming into October gas prices still appeared to be rising, following a six week trend. Drivers who have a long commute will find themselves spending more money to bring home the same pay. With all of this going on it’s not uncommon to forget what else is on the rise.

September and October is the prime time for dry wood termites to swarm. As temperatures drop from the 100’s to the low 80’s these creatures are out in the afternoon looking for new territories to invade. Many will just infest new areas of the homes they have already taken up residence in; but your neighbor’s problem could easily become yours this harvest season.

Dry wood termites are non-subterranean termites and therefore do not require any contact with the ground. Dry wood termites get all of the moisture they need from the wood that they eat. Termites in Tempe, Arizona can spend four years taking over a home before they are ever noticed by the homeowners.

Good news you can count on! Termite Control Arizona still offers Free Termite Inspections. Protect your home as it increases in value and protect your pocket as it seems there is always something else that costs more than it did last week. Termite prevention can save you from the ultimate bad news that after finally recouping all of your losses, termites are eating your equity.


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