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The Most Termite Damage in 20 Years



The Copa News reported today on the current state of Maricopa. Poor weather conditions and chemical restrictions seem to have produced the largest termite population seen in two decades. Out of three neighborhoods examined by local inspectors twenty-five homes were found to have termite tubes right on the front of the houses. Normally the termite tubes will be hidden from view by cinder block, trim, or pipes running underground and then into the home.

The Maricopa termites have been affected by the stormy weather and have built these tubes to protect themselves as they travel, looking for wood that is safe to eat. That means safe from the elements and for residents, it means inside their walls. The termite inspectors in Maricopa were amazed to find the evidence of termite activity in such a large percentage of homes this year.

It has been theorized that there are termites alive under virtually every home in the United States. This theory is based on the rate of growth of a termite colony, plus swarming seasons, minus the percentage of mating pairs that die before forming a new colony. The reasoning behind that theory is that large populations of insects used to die off in winter temperatures or hot dry summers. Our homes, with central heating provide warmth in the ground during winter months, and our sprinklers and irrigation systems provide moisture through those long hot summers.

While the human population continues to grow and our growth eliminates more natural predators, the insect population explosion is just a natural bi-product of our own. The only thing that we can responsibly do is try to eliminate that added growth which would have once been controlled by birds, reptiles, bears, anteaters, and the natural elements.

Termite treatment in Gilbert involves a thorough inspection followed by a plan of protection geared to your own particular needs. The sooner the protection is established the sooner we can get the pest population explosion under control, once and for all.





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