Termite Education Classes: For Homeowners


A few months ago The Gulf Breeze News reported  a rise in termite infestations in Florida. Floridians are prone to Formosan termites that inhabit several Southern States. These termites fare well in Florida because of the moisture and humidity. In humid climates the wood absorbs some of the moisture from the air.

The Education Workshops held in Santa Rosa gave some handy tips for termite prevention, one of which is turning sprinkler heads away from your house. Many homeowners use sprinklers to water the grass and garden and think that if a little water hits the house there won’t be a problem. Turning your sprinkler heads away from the foundation of your home is good advice; remember that subterranean termites use mud to build tunnels up through your foundation to get to the wood inside the walls of your home. A frequent water supply is all they need to break in and start breaking down the wood framework of your home.

The experts who attended the workshops also mentioned a variety of methods to treat your home yourself. The chemicals are available and instructions are rather clear if you decide to choose that route. The only problem, as stated at the class, is that homeowners don’t really know enough about these chemicals to use them properly. The recommendation, of all of the experts, was that you hire a licensed termite control company to do the inspection.

If your inspector finds that you do have termites then don’t panic. Termite Control Scottsdale Specialists can help get rid of these pests and make sure they do not return. Termite damage, when it occurs, is costly to repair. Once the damage is done your home can become a dangerous place to live. Termites don’t hurt you, but the damage they do can weaken floors and the structure of your home.

If termites are not found in your home then you have the opportunity to make sure they won’t take root in the future. Termite prevention is a planned course of action that your licensed professional can provide. Following the plan means taking control of the future of your home.





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