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Termite Control Phoenix is dedicated to keeping you up-to-date on the latest developments in pest control. The latest discovery in termite species has opened a whole new world for termite control. The new termite species description is the result of twenty years of effort by scientists to identify a strange termite. University of Georgia Entomologists Dr. Su Yee Lim and Dr. Brian Forschler formally identified the new species by DNA Analysis.

These termites infest the Eastern United States, but have also been located in at least three other countries, which means they are known to travel, as the many other invasive species in North America. The new termite species is only new in name and description. Identifying this fifth species will ultimately aid entomologists all over the world as they learn from the new characteristics and morphology. The differences in termite species can determine their nesting habits which can in turn determine the way that they infest homes and businesses.

Here is a great picture and the Termite Species Description from PCT Magazine:

by BILL DELANEY | January 29, 2013

Termite Control Phoenix: New Termite Species Description


An Easier Way. Forschler said that identification of R. nelsonae was “20 years in the making.” In the 1990s, identifying termites with a dichotomous key was limiting (of which Forschler quotes a saying he says is popular amongst entomology students: “dichotomous keys are made by people who don’t need them for people who can’t use them.”)

“If you don’t have the character they’re asking for, you can’t identify,” he said. R. nelsonae threw off the dichotomous keys. “We only had three possibilities. It could have been this one, could be that one, but it was kind of in between,” Forschler said, adding that the genus is known for its phenotypic plasticity, or range in size and shape. “It took us 20 years to sort it out; I think we finally got it.”

Forschler said that the new species is named after Lori Nelson of the U.S. Forest Service in California, who Forschler credited as one of the first to discover the species. “I was working with her and her boss, she kept saying, ‘This one is way different,’ but we didn’t have any way of proving it.”


Termite control is generally determined by identifying the type of species likely to infest a home or business. Pest Management Professionals the world over, use laboratories and technology to identify the termites that are found in an infestation. The new termite species description will assist PMPs in their quest to bring the best termite control possible to their clients. It’s important because the wrong type of treatment or prevention can simply make matters worse. There are numerous accounts of home-owners, believing their home was protected, learning that their property requires extensive repair. Termites have three basic needs, food, water and shelter from the elements. Deprive them of any one of their needs and the termites will die or move. Termite control barriers prevent termites from entering the home, while termiticides deprive them of water, the ability to eat, or both. Choosing the wrong barrier, or the wrong chemical or the incorrect barrier system can result in a gap in protection.

That’s why it is so important to have a termite control professional inspect your home. Termites in Scottsdale homes may come from underground, in the event of subterranean termites or above ground in the event of drywood termites. It is now known that termites can stay inside the home indefinitely if there is enough moisture available for their needs. New termite species identifications means better inspections and better controls across the US, Canada, and other continents affected by these damaging insects.

Be sure to contact Termite Control Phoenix to have your free termite inspection. The first step in protecting your home is detection. If no termites are detected during your inspection, the best defense is prevention. Your Termite Control Specialist will be able to identify your specific needs and therefore provide the best protection available for your home.


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