Termite Control: One Homeowner’s Lament


Termite control professionals hear this all the time. Devastated homeowners are faced with a termite infestation and damage that must be repaired. A termite inspection could have saved this homeowner from the problems he now faces. Termite Control Scottsdale offers free inspections as a matter of course.

The homeowner says that it was September when he first noticed some cracks in the wall. Upon further inspection he found there was extensive damage. He has a mortgage and the home is damaged before it has even been paid for. Many people in the United States could identify with the plight of this homeowner even though he lives in Labasa, a province in Fiji.

When I first found this article it said “Boca” and so I thought the homeowner was in Florida. Seeing the photograph of the home and the young man pointing out the damage, he could just as well have been. The difference is that in Fiji the inspectors took samples which will be sent to a lab before this man knows whether or not it is termite damage. While he waits the homeowner is worried how much more damage will be done by the time he finds out what is eating his home.

The inspectors have returned to the home a second time and taken more samples to send off to the lab. In the meantime this homeowner in Fiji is no closer to an answer and he says that his home may become totally uninhabitable. The longer the delays the more damage there will be to repair. He’s afraid that all of his mortgage payments will have bought him nothing.

Here in Arizona our termite inspectors have been trained and licensed to recognize termites and the damage they cause. While this young man awaits the verdict, we would have already started the process of extermination, removal, repair, and protection. Apparently we are a bit different after all.




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