Termite Confusion: Are They Ants or Termites


Homeowners in Austin, Texas have been burning up the phone lines to their termite control specialists for the past two months. With a high rate of infestations and then an extended swarming season, homeowners are scared. The trouble is that most people cannot tell the difference between flying ants and swarming termites.

There is no need to panic if you’ve had a termite inspection and are using a reputable termite control company. Once your home has been inspected by Termite control Mesa, you can rest assured that the termite prevention program designed for you is working. Still, how can you tell?

Once you have seen a flying termite and a flying ant side by side the differences become clear. Flying ants have a segmented body with a head, an abdomen, and a tail. Winged termites are different; they are wide the whole way, from head to tail. The antenna are different too, ants antenna have a bend or elbow, while termites have straight antenna. Then we compare the wings and find the termites two pair of wings are the same length, while ants have two pair of wings that are not.

Winged Termite


Flying Ant







Whether what you are seeing flying around your home are ants or termites, it is in your best interest to call your qualified pest control technician. Ants and termites swarm for the same reason, it’s time to mate and expand the colony. This is bad for us because, whether it’s ants or termites because both can be a problem pest. The termites can damage plants and out buildings if they are not part of your termite prevention plan. Ants can build new nests in your yard or near your home to have free access to the food you eat. Finally there are many types of ants and some can do damage, even though they are not termites.





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