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Termite barrier treatment might be the best option for you if you live in a termite prone area such as Arizona, or if your house has fallen victim to termites in the past. These barrier treatments form an area around your property to prevent termites from entering your house. They either repel or outright poison termites. Several different methods of administration exist. And with these there are safety concerns to keep in mind. The information below, along with a trained professional can help you decide which form of treatment will work for you.

Liquid Barrier Treatments

Liquid treatments can be placed around the home on a variety of surfaces. A lot of these treatments are injected directly into the soil in order to stop termites. Others can be sprayed directly on to hard surfaces, such as brick or cement. The liquid releases a fume toxic to termites, and thus create an invisible shield surrounding your property. These barriers often need frequent replenishment, but as long as they are kept up they can provide the added benefit of stopping both flying termites and burrowing ones.

Termite Baiting

Termite baiting is when bait stations are installed along the property line around the home. These stations contain granulated poison that termites ingest and then carry back to their nest, thus controlling the colony. These stations help kill termites before they can gain access to a home. These are safe for use around kids and pets. Still, caution should be practiced when placing them.

Soil Treatment Liquids and Crystals

Soil treatments are in the form of liquid or crystal. These are worked into the soil to keep termites from burrowing.  This form of treatment lasts the longest and also require professional installation. Soil treatments can be under paved areas, but requires the pavement to be drilled or cut, thus allowing access to the dirt underneath.


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