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Termidor is a professional termiticide and insecticide that has been proven to be effective in treating and controlling Arizona’s native subterranean termites, Formosan termites, and drywood termites. Utilizing an advanced  “undetectable” liquid technology, it helps to control the termite colony and infestation.  Termites are not able see, smell, or taste Termidor, making it impossible for them to avoid it. They  come into contact with it, ingest it , and then share it with the colony, all the while being completely unaware that interacting with the Termidor will inevitably kill them and the colony.

Taking Termidor to the Colony

When termites eat Termidor treated material they die, but also when a termite comes into contact with Termidor, it becomes a “carrier.” It then transfers the Termidor onto other termites it comes into contact with. The second termite then becomes a carrier – transferring it to others, and so on, and so on. It spreads like a virus through the entire colony. The Termidors “Transfer Effect” is unique to the product, and one reason why it’s so effective.

How Termidor Works

The liquid Termidor treatment is applied to foundation walls and the exterior perimeter surrounding your home by a pest control professional. Because it’s virtually odor free it should not disrupt your family’s normal routines, but it should be kept away from children and animals.  The Termidor binds to the soil, thus creating a “Termidor Zone.” Since this is not a repellent treatment termites do not know to avoid it. They they interact with it, become “carriers,” and take it back to the colony.

Termidor Success

Termidor has consistently been proven to be effective in the elimination of termites from structures, as well as effective in preventing future infestations and devastating damage. Since the product was introduced in 2000 over 4 million U.S. homes have been treated with Termidor. When it’s applied correctly by a Termidor Certified Professional it starts working immediately and has provided 100% control of termites within three months of treatment.

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