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While some types of trees, like redwood, cedar, and cypress, have a natural resistance to termite, many other plants have actually developed effective defenses against termites. When ecosystems are studied, it’s often observed that there is a balance that has been reached between the growth of plants and termites.


Natural Defense

The plants that are able to survive termites do so by secreting anti-feedant chemicals such as oils, resins, and lignins from woody cell walls. These chemicals reduce the termites’ ability ti efficiently digest the cellulose found in those plants. It’s these types of chemicals that the termite-resistant trees have.


Scientists Working with Nature

Building your home out of naturally resistant wood would be ideal, but unfortunately, this can be expensive or un-practical. Scientists have done considerable research into these natural defensive chemicals, as well as how to add these chemicals to the timber of naturally  susceptible trees.

Australia Pioneering Termite Control

Australia has developed a commercial termite treatment product called “Blockaid.” Blockaid uses a range of various plant extracts that can be painted on to barriers for buildings. The best part is it’s non-toxic! Australian scientists also “discovered” a treatment that is based not he extract of a species of trees called the Eremophila that naturally repels termites.  Studies have shown that termites are so repelled by toxic material that they will starve rather than consume treated samples. If they are forced to be kept close to the extract they become disorientated, and eventually die. Scientists are hoping to create a form of this compound that can be used commercially as a soil barrier – it is still in the process of being tested and evaluated.


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