Pest Control Problems:

Settlements in North Carolina


Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction and charlatans can be found in almost any trade. North Carolina has named a list of people who have violated rules and regulations in structural pest control. Some of the people weren’t licensed while others used the wrong chemicals or did not follow labeling guidelines. Pest control is regulated by the EPA and the Department of Agriculture.

In recent years as the economy has made a slow recovery and the housing markets have started to bounce back, pest control has seen a rise in business. Whenever a private sector begins to see an influx of business, there is always the chance that proper licensing will be bypassed as people flock to the trade. This has been happening with pest control for several years. Companies start up because they do not understand the implications of operating without the proper education and licensing. You will see advertisements for employment; “no experience needed”  should be a red flag wherever public safety is concerned.

Any company that uses chemicals must provide for the proper training and education of their employees. Chemicals used in the pest control industry have stringent regulations for a reason. These products must be used in a fashion consistent with labeling. Pest control professionals must follow Department of Agriculture and EPA regulations. People who are not properly trained are incapable of understanding the implications. It’s like deciding to practice law without going to school.

A long list of names and companies are on the North Carolina Department of Agriculture website; the people charged with misusing pesticides and operating without a license. What makes this worse is that these were all in the area of structural pest control. People who promised to protect homes against termites and other structural pests have are faced with a laundry list of charges.

When you hire a pest control company it is your duty to check them out; your home is not protected if the firm is not licensed. Ask to see the license, but remember that if you haven’t seen one before then you won’t recognize a false document. It’s easy to find out if you have chosen a reputable company. Don’t rely solely on a Better Business Bureau rating for a new company; BBB ratings are based on complaints and newer companies just don’t have a track record yet. Ask for references; better yet ask friends, neighbors and coworkers who they would recommend.

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