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European Ban: Rat Control



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None of us are old enough to remember the plague that blazed through Europe but most of us have read about it in history books. The culprit was not a witches curse although many people who did not get the plague were tried for witchcraft. The people who were tried as witches owned cats, and that’s why they didn’t get the plague. The cats killed the rats, they ate them and that got rid of the real culprit which was a flea.

Rodents are feared worldwide because of the plague and other diseases associated with them. There are many methods to get rid of rats but the most popular of these is the anti-coagulant rodenticides that will be one of the poisons banned. You can read more of the article regarding these changes below.

Rat race: Businesses urged to consider pest-control options ahead of potential poison ban

Hospitality business owners are facing a potential rodent infestation crisis ‘similar to that of the Great Plague’ as a number of common rodenticides could be banned from use, reducing the number of effective pest-control methods available. Read More

Many people who run businesses do not realize the value or integrated pest management and biological controls. They fear that owning pets may put them in harm’s way for other pests and diseases. The reality is that the cats that ate the rats during the black plague did not get sick; most of the time a dog or cat is enough of a deterrent to keep rodents away. Remember that prevention is the best course of pest control. Another natural course of action to lower rodent populations is to promote owls and hawks that feed on the small creatures.

Pest control in Scottsdale is dedicated to keeping homes and businesses safe from disease carrying pests. Many problems can be prevented by taking advance measures. Rodents, insects, and other pests can only be controlled by creating a barrier or closing all points of entry. Baits and traps are often used outside the premises to draw the creatures out, or catch them prior to entry. Baits and traps can also work like an alarm system, making home owners and pest management professionals aware of possible infestations. Having this perimeter alarm system in place could be the one thing that stands between us and the disease carrying pests.

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