Give Me That Old Time Pest Control



Out of all my research, these are my favorite “old time” home remedies for household pests. I can’t help believing that these remedies might keep human visitors away as well.

In the late 1800’s Good Housekeeping Magazine ran a contest for the best home remedies for bugs. The contest would pay twenty-five dollars for each of the four types of bugs. That was an awful lot of money at the time, so it’s not surprising to see that entrants went for all four prizes.

One stands out because of her entry for three of the four household pests:

“Buffalo Bugs” which are carpet beetles: this woman says to use chopped onions mixed with borax on bread. Place the bread slices under the carpet. Hmmm.

Flies: She says to hang walnut bushes from the walls…

Fleas: Scrape and Sweep floors and porch, then sprinkle with lime juice…

Another source gives us this remedy: Soak leeks in water for twenty-four hours and then swab this liquid on your furniture to keep flies from landing.

Ants are controlled in many of these sources by placing cucumber slices around the entry points in your home, or wherever ants are seen. A more recent source for ants is to sprinkle cayenne pepper or tobacco sauce on ant trails and the ants won’t cross or follow those trails.

It reminds me of my new boss in a convenient store when I was young. He would cut slices of banana peel and crush ant and roach tablets. He would then dip the banana peel in the powder and place the slices around the store, under counters and on the floor. I told him that we had a contract with a pest control company, but he didn’t want to spend that money. He had suspended the contract.

I must say that I am thankful we have Pest Control in Glendale. Reliable methods of protection are available that have nothing to do with onions, leeks, and cucumbers. Produce is expensive enough; if I’m going to purchase fruits and vegetables at the market; I’m going to eat them myself!





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