Eco Building Products, Inc., a manufacturer of wood products given “green” pest and termite treatment, has just shipped the first five houses of lumber treated using their proprietary new procedure, labelled Eco Blue Shield Protection. The shipment is intended for a rebuilding project in New Orleans, in the 9th ward district.

The proprietary Eco Blue Shield product series has undergone not only termite treatment but is also equipped to be resistant to other sorts of biological issues that contribute to wood degradation. For example, Eco Building Products, Inc. has stated that the Eco Blue Shield line is also resistant to mould, wood rot, and various wood-eating insects. The specific focus in this case would be termites, though. The southern states of the US suffer from serious termite infestations and termite numbers remain high, hence the need for termite prevention even in construction materials.

The developer of the subdivision in which the houses are to be installed ordered the Eco Blue Shield product in order to protect against both termites and the heavy dampness of the New Orleans seasons. Damp is actually a double-blow against wood in this area. First off, damp tends to encourage the encroachment of wood rot and the growth of various types of fungi on wood. Secondly, it also contributes to the prevalence of termites.

The most common termites in the New Orleans area are the dreaded Formosan termites. A wildly invasive and prolific species, this subterranean termite is known for its high rate of destruction as well as its almost exponential rate of reproduction, beating other termites for sheer colony size by posting numbers in the millions while other species regularly post only in the hundred thousands per colony. It has been estimated that a single colony can eat as much as 400 grams of wood per day, degrading a structure almost irreparably within mere months. While these have been in the United States for some time now, their presence has generally been restricted to the southern areas, due to their climate requirements: the termites cannot successfully reproduce in temperatures that go below 68 degrees Fahrenheit, above which line most of the southern states fall.

The use of wood that has been given pest and termite treatment is thus a smart step for people looking to build (or indeed, rebuild) in the area. At the same time, the use of only environmentally-friendly chemicals is ideal for keeping construction projects green. The lumber that the company has just shipped is going to be used as the main lumber for construction on the new subdivision, which is part of the housing rebuilding efforts following the Katrina disaster. The developer has already stated that at least 85 homes shall be erected on the location.

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