Eating Insects for The United Way:

Pest Control Goes to Extremes


Most people will go to extremes to support a cause that they believe in. Our country has seen its share of heroic individuals who will do whatever it takes in a crisis. Somehow, I never imagined eating mealworms would be considered heroic, but now I do.

The United Way helps out in so many life situations; they respond to the storms of life that overtake us from Hurricanes like Katrina and Sandy, to a credit card crisis. The United Way is there, for us, no matter whether we got ourselves into trouble, or if nature attacked. I have a big three myself, for the charities that should be supported and the United Way is one of those big three.

I would not eat worms for the United Way. I would walk in a marathon on crutches, in a body cast if I had to, but I wouldn’t eat worms. Two pest control managers in Kansas apparently feel differently than I do and went head to head in a contest. The two men had thirty seconds to eat as many mealworms as they could for charity. I can imagine this going badly if one of the guys just ate one and the other guy said, well you win. The men of Schendel Pest Control Service were elected to eat the mealworms by a jury of their peers. I can imagine that going badly as well; maybe it’s just me, but I wouldn’t want to be elected for the honor, would you?

All kidding aside, the event raised over five thousand dollars for The United Way and I can honestly say that’s a feat almost as miraculous as eating mealworms. Charity funding has been down due to the economy, at a time when people needed the help more than ever. The United Way was still there, even though funds were low, they have always done whatever it takes to help others. Maybe that’s why these two pest control heroes could stomach eating mealworms for them. The United Way would find a couple of people to eat mealworms for you, if that’s what it took to help.

The United Way offers programs to help people purchase their first home; credit card services to help people get out of debt; and education services to help people get better jobs. These three services are just the tip of the iceberg. To find out more about their programs, or to ask how you can help, contact The United Way at You can also contact your local United Way chapter.

Pest management professionals know that most insects are edible, “if you cook them right”. Many insects are eaten raw in many countries; they include insects as part of their diet. Thankfully I do not live in one of those countries. If you have a pest problem, you don’t have to think up a new recipe for chili, just contact pest control in Scottsdale and they will come and get rid of them for you.


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